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*This blog is sponsored by Boots

If there is one thing I get asked about regularly- It’s vegan friendly eyeshadow palettes.

More and more cruelty free make-up brands are launching vegan eye palettes, however what I am really passionate about is making it easier for people to shop ethically on the high street. 

Vegan beauty at Boots is booming! From skincare to nail varnish, the ethical options are growing and more exciting than ever. They have a fantastic range of vegan skincare  and vegan make-up in store as well as online.

Today we are talking about Vegan eyeshadow at Boots. Vegan eyeshadow palettes at Boots to be exact.

To save you time and money, I have been knee deep in make-up over the past few weeks and have come up with a list of what I believe to be the best vegan eye palettes from Boots. So here we go…

My top 5 favourite eye make-up palettes in Boots…


Kat Von D-

Planet fanatic

Price: £38

Number of shades: 14

Best for: All eye colours 

Pigment pay off: 10/10

Packaging: Recyclable plastic

(Sponsored by boots)

Who else is a huge KVD fan? Oh my gosh I ADORE this brand. If you want high end make-up with long wear eyeshadow, by this I mean eyeshadow that lasts all day and all night then you will adore this palette.

A lot of paletes I find have good pigment but it falls off after a few hours. KVD make-up is made to last.

This vegan eyeshadow palette is packed full of intense pigment and boasts a gorgeous array of shades.

What I love about this palette is that you can create endless looks with it due to the wide selection of contrasting colours. You could create a very soft pearly pink eye make-up, or a popping fiery orange intense look. Because of its selection of warm and cool tones there is something to suit every skin tone.

A vegan eye palette to suit every eye colour and take you through the seasons. Timeless.



elf- the new classics

Price: £9.33

Number of shades: 18

Best for: All eye colours

Pigment pay off: 8/10

Packaging: Recyclable plastic

(Sponsored by boots)

If you’re looking for an affordable, cheep vegan eye palette in Boots- this is a great choice.

At just £9.33 for 18 very wearable shades, elf really have got us covered.

The range of shades I really believe to be good ‘classics’. There is a good selection of matte and shimmery colours to choose from as well as pink tone browns and more orange browns to really flatter different eye colours.

There is a nice mix of warm and cool shades so perfect for all skin tones I think and the pigment pay off is very good for this price.



barry m- nude & neutral

Price: £7.99

Number of shades: 9

Best for: All eye colours 

Pigment pay off: 10/10

Packaging: Recycle and degradable cardboard

(Sponsored by Boots))

I love this palette.

Look at the shades! They are so rich in colour with pinky undertones which look striking on the eyes.

What I adore about this palette is that it can be used as an effortless wash all over the eyelids for a soft look or be built up to create a striking full eye make-up.

The pigments are wonderful and the shades are unique and beautiful.

This is a great vegan eye palette for warm skin tones.



lime crime- venus 3

Price: £35

Number of shades: 8

Best for: All eye colours 

Pigment pay off: 10/10

Packaging: Cardboard- easily recycled

(Sponsored by Boots)

Leapin’ lizards…WHAT A PALETTE.

I have a soft spot for lime crime I must say.

Lime crime make-up is 100% vegan and they really do show us that to have amazing pigment in product- no animals are needed.

Their eyeshadows are packed with intense pigment, both with their matte shades as well as their shimmery tones.

The shimmery tones are so intense that they could easily be mistaken for loose shimmers on the eyes.

This palette I believe to work on all skin tones and would flatter all eye colours. However I think that this is a great eye palette for green eyes in particular and would also look incredible on hazel eyes too.



lime crime- venus immortalis

Price: £35

Number of shades: 8

Best for: All eye colours 

Pigment pay off: 10/10

Packaging: Cardboard- easily recycled

(Sponsored by Boots)

Ok, Ok, I know it’s another Lime crime palette…did I mention that I am obsessed?

I had to talk about this palette as I feel like these shades are really hard to find, this is a stunning vegan and cruelty free eye palette.

The Venus immortalis palette has cool and warm shades made by God-herself.

This is a great palette for cool skin tones and it’s also a brilliant eye palette for warm skin tones….Because as you will see- the top row of eyeshadow are warm shades and the bottom is cool shades. If you have neutral skin tone then this palette is an all-round winner for you.

Use the pale warm or cool shades (dependant on your skin tone) on your lid, add a little sparkle and then either choose the dark brown or grey in the crease. The black is BLACKER THAN BLACK.

This works wonderfully smudged into eyeliner for a sexual smokey look. However, the looks you can create with this cruelty free eye palette really do stretch as far as your imagination. See below for a few more Lime crime palettes I think you may love.


So there we have it- the best vegan eye palettes in Boots available NOW for you to treat yourself to! I would love to know which you would like to add to your make-up collection. If you found this blog post useful, please let me know in the comments below…and better still…share with friends that you think may find it useful too!

Boots vegan and cruelty free range doesn’t just stop here… they have tons of ethical products to choose from! Click the below links to be taken to Boots cruelty free and vegan beauty and Make-up!


Thank you for reading my blogs and supporting my work,


Love, Em-J


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