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Whether you like a full coverage or just a little something to even out your skin tone, I am here to help find the best vegan foundation for you and your skin!

Foundation is such a personal thing, and every skin type is so different- perhaps you are looking for the best vegan foundation for sensitive skin, the best vegan foundation for acne prone skin, it can be overwhelming!

Please Scroll down to the type of coverage foundation you feel most confident in, You will find my guide to vegan foundation as well as vegan concealer too.

Please do let me know in the comment box below if you find this guide useful or if you would like me to include anything else in it!

Love, Em-J xx

Vegan & Cruelty free full coverage foundation

Full coverage foundation can often also be referred to as ‘long wear’, ‘24 hour’, ‘water resistant’. They tend to be more matte than other foundations which helps them stay looking flawless on the skin all day and all night.

If you would like a dewy finish- yet full coverage then try using one of the glowy primers underneath your full coverage foundation! Here are my go to full coverage foundations…

Vegan & cruelty free medium coverage foundation

If you would like something a little lighter then go for a medium coverage! NOTE: That full coverage foundations can be thinned out either by mixing with your moisturiser or SPF…or simply using less and buffing the product to go further! Medium foundation can often be built up to create a fuller coverage too. I would say that the SKIN BASE by illamasqua and PRO COVERAGE by LA girl are my favourite medium coverages that can easily build up to a full coverage.

I also love to layer foundation for a fuller coverage. I will often use a light coverage/tinted moisturiser/medium coverage and then buff in a loose mineral foundation on top for a flawless and lasting finish. My favourite loose mineral foundations are TROPIC , JANE IREDALE and INIKA

For a super matte finish, I highly recommend THE BODY SHOP- MATTE CLAY

Below are my absolute favourite go to medium coverages…

Vegan & cruelty free light coverage foundation

Oh… the feeling of a tinted moisturiser/bb/cc cream on the skin is jus delightful i think! When skin looks like SKIN!

I often use a very light coverage all over the face and then a concealer where we need a little ‘extra’. All of these i think are wonderful…the more pricy ones like RODIAL- SKIN TINT is absolutely stunnnningggg…and that’s reflected with the price tag, so I use mine for special occasions! There is a light coverage for every budget here! I wonder which one you are going to go for.

Vegan & cruelty free concealer

Let’s talk about concealer…

If you’re looking for a concealer for around your eyes, we don’t want it to crease, so going for a thinner consistency is best. It’s also nice to go a few shades lighter than your foundation…which you can also use as a highlighter on your cheekbones too! All of the ones below in stick form i find work really well under the eyes… The Body shop clay concealer and Inika full coverage however are amazing for the rest of the face to cover blemishes.

To cover blemishes we can have something a little thicker and more creamy…it just needs to set. Go for either the same colour as your skintone, or if the spots stick out and are bumpy then even going a shade darker can pull the raised area backwards. If you were to put a lighter concealer on top it would highlight the spot and make it stand out!

Here are my favourite concealers!

Vegan & cruelty free contour products

If you love a strong glamorous contour prefer some subtle sculpting, there is a contour product for you! Cream tends to be a little more gentle and powder slightly stronger. If you would like a powerful impactful look, you might like to contour! Below are the ones i have found over the years and loved, of c…

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