The Best thing about being a Make-up Artist is how it makes people feel.

It is safe to say that I am a textbook empath. In 17 years of doing makeup, not only have I learned so much about products and application, but it has also grown my emotional understanding and compassion.

I understand the pressures of celebrities and talent about to perform and believe it's my duty to create a calm space to help them mentally prepare as well as helping them feel the best version of themselves.

This naturally extends into the world of animals and the planet, which is why I choose to only use cruelty-free, vegan, and clean products in my kit.

This is a space dedicated to help navigate you through an ocean of beauty + Lifestyle  products...and hopefully help you make more ethical choices..without compromise. 

After years of working on countless clients and models, I have tried thousands of products... and it is safe to say there are a LOT on the market now that work amazingly... they just happen to also be ethical

Whether you're fully fledged vegan or you're just wanting to support cruelty free brands, hopefully I have covered what you are looking for! I always thinking up ideas on what to write about and feature so feel free to comment on the blogs with your feedback or DM me on Instagram.
This blog is an open door, non judgemental place you can rely on for 

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Cosy evenings, Face Masks, Magnesium Baths, Non Toxic Candles & Chamomile Tea 

My Baby Berry has changed our entire sleep pattern...for the better! I doubt many parents say that. She taught me to take my sleep seriously. So I Invested in a WHOOP watch and honestly- I am in bed by 8:30 now. Here are some things that help me wind down in the evenings you might like to try.

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Cosy wholefood Vegan Winter recipes. Baked porridge,  Veggie Chilli and warming vegan soups. Take a look at our family favourites 

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More about nutrition. For both me and my baby. I have been facinated with Brian Johnson and implementing some of his practices into my life

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TUMI and Shein. They are riddled with slave labour and fabrics that are terilble for the planet.

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If we all knew what happened in slaughter houses, everyone would be Plant Based.

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If you think that your brand alligns with what I am all about and would like to talk about working together, please get in touch. 

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