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Hello Plantfaces!

Over my HUGE Make-up kit Veganising i read about COUNTLESS ingredients and created a spreadsheet of all of my research. Below are the most common ingredients i discovered in skincare and make-up and what they are derived from/used for. The info below has been collected from blogs, chemistry papers, wikipedia and books. If you see something that you believe to be incorrect- please do get in touch with me.

This list has been created to help us become more #Plantfaced and i hope you find it useful. If you would like to repost this information please reference and credit this blog. 

Acacia decurrens: (VEGAN) From the perennial tree

Adrenaline: (BOTH) taken from the adrenal glands of hogs, cattle and sheep. Vegan version available taken from plants


Ambergris (NOT VEGAN): Ingredient is derived from the waxy oil that lines whale’s stomachs (whale sick). Often this is found on coastlines and collected. Surprisingly enough, this oil substance is used to make the scent “set” in perfumes.

Argania spinosa (VEGAN): Kernal oil from trees

Bee Pollen (NOT VEGAN)

Bees wax (NOT VEGAN

Benzyl ether myristate (VEGAN): emollient/siliconeemollient/shine for hair products and lips

Bone Phosphate (NOT VEGAN

Boron nitride (VEGAN): synthetic chemical

Butylene glycol (VEGAN): Alchohol from fermented corn


Calcium carbonate (VEGAN)

Calcium caseinate (NOT VEGAN)

CALCIUM LACTATE (BOTH): Salt from lactic acid

calcium phosphate (VEGAN)

calcium stearate (BOTH)

calcium stearate (BOTH)

calcium sulfate (VEGAN)

Candelilla Cera, (VEGAN): Made from Leaves

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (VEGAN): Coconut oilcoconut oil

Caprylyl Glycol (VEGAN): plant dervived skin conditioning agentplant dervived skin conditioning agent

Carbomer (VEGAN): acrylic

Carmine/cochineal dye (NOT VEGAN): Dye from crushed Dactylopius Coccus … or cochineal beetles to be precise. The insects feed on cactus plants in Central and South America and the females eat the red cactus berries; when they’re crushed an intense red dye is produced. It’s found in most lipsticks and a lot of blush products.

Carnauba wax (VEGAN): Derived from palm wax

Castoreum:(NOT VEGAN) Found mostly in Perfume

Cera alba: (NOT VEGAN) Bees wax

Cera Alba(NOT VEGAN) Beeswax

Ceresin (VEGAN): Mineral wax

Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate (VEGAN): from natural waxes and plantsalcholol

CHROMIUM HYDROXIDE GREEN (VEGAN): colour from chromium metalcolour

Civet glands (NOT VEGAN): Secretion from a Civet Cat’s Glands mostly taken while still alive. Often found in perfume.

Collagen (BOTH): Found mostly in lip-plumping glosses and anti-aging creams, this is a fibrous protein from animal tissue. Vegan version available from plants.

Copernicia Cerifera Wax (VEGAN): Plant wax 

Corn starch & rice powder (VEGAN): rice and starch

Creatine (VEGAN): Ssynthetic

Crosspolymer (VEGAN): acrylate and silicone cross polymers

Cyclohexasiloxane (VEGAN): Silicone

Cyclopentasiloxane (VEGAN) Silicone

Dextrin palmitate(VEGAN)

Dimer dilinoleate copolymer(VEGAN): Vegetable derived rheology modifier and water repellency agent

Dimethicone(VEGAN): Silicone

Dimethiconol (VEGAN): Silicone

Disodium inosinate: (NOT VEGAN) Fish derivative

Disodium ribonucleotides: (NOT VEGAN)

Disteardimonium hectorite (VEGAN): Clay mineral

Estradiol: (NOT VEGAN) See Estrogen/Oestrogen

Ethoxydiglycol (VEGAN): Synthetic

Ethylhexylglycerin(BOTH): Type of Glycerine

Ethylhexyl glycerin  (BOTH): Form of glycerine

Estrogen/ oestrogen (NOT VEGAN): Also listed as Estradiol this hormone-based can be found in most perfumes, restorative creams or lotions. Estrogen is obtained by extracting urine from pregnant horses.

Gelatin(NOT VEGAN) Similar to tallow, gelatin is the boiled skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of animals. It’s aliases include gel, hide glue, gelatine, isinglass, kosher and halal gelatin. Found mostly in creamy cosmetics, hair and nail treatments.

Gluconolactone(VEGAN): Derived from sugar. Mostly used as an Anti bac/acne treatment/skin cell turnover encouragement.

Glycerine(BOTH): Also known as glycerol or glycerine, glycerin is a colourless liquid found in all natural fats (whether animal or plant). It can also be manufactured synthetically.

Glycerol (BOTH): Type of glycerine

Glycol (VEGAN): Alcohol

Gossypium herbaceum (VEGAN): Oil from Cotton plants and seeds

Guanine (NOT VEGAN) : Often confused with bat guano, or bat poop. In fact, it’s a crystalline material that’s shimmering or light-diffusing and found in crushed fish scales. It’s in most mascaras, nail polishes and lipsticks.


Hexanetriol chemically (NOT VEGAN): Altered bees wax

Hexylene glycol (VEGAN): synthetic chemical solvent


Hyaluronic acid (BOTH): Made from rooster combs. Vegan version available.

Hydrogenated didecene (VEGAN): Natural oils and minerals

Hydrogenated polyisobutene (VEGAN): synthetic polymer for skin softening

Iron oxide (VEGAN): Mineral 

Isobutane (VEGAN): Gass/aerosol

Isododecane (VEGAN): Synthetic. Helps to stop colour evaporating/wiping off

Isostearate (VEGAN): Alcohol

Keritin (BOTH): Made from ground hooves, horns and animal hair. Vegan version available with a blend of soy beans, corn or wheat.

Lactitol (NOT VEGAN) Milk derivative

Lactose (NOT VEGAN) Dairy

Lanolin(NOT VEGAN): Also called wool wax or wool grease, is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals.

LAUROYL LYSINE (VEGAN): A skin conditioning ingredient that also improves product texture. Derived from coconut oil.

Limonene (VEGAN): Made from Fruit peals

linalool (VEGAN): Flowers

Lipase(NOT VEGAN) Traditionally, most lipases originated from cow and pig pancreatic glands as well as the pre-gastric juices of calves, lambs or baby goats.

Lysozyme(NOT VEGAN) Found in egg whites

Magnesium aluminum silicate (VEGAN): Purified clay. 

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (VEGAN): A stable, water-soluble form of vitamin Ca stable, water-soluble form of vitamin C for brightening effects, antioxidant

Magnesium carbonate hydroxide (VEGAN): saltsalt

Magnesium stearate(NOT VEGAN) Derived from pork

Manganese (VEGAN): Mineral

Mica (VEGAN): Crystals

Musk (NOT VEGAN) glands of a male musk/deer found often in perfume

Nylon 12 (VEGAN): Synthetic mattifieyer

Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate (BOTH)

Octylldodecanol (VEGAN): Derived from natural fats 

Oestrogen (NOT VEGAN) See ‘Estrogen’

Palmaria palmata extract (VEGAN): seeweed, red dulce, sea lettuce used as an antioxident & emollient

Palmitate acid/palmiticthe: (BOTH) Most common saturated fatty acid found in animals, plants and microorganisms

Panthenol (VEGAN): b5 found in plants

Paraffinum liquidum (VEGAN): Minerals

Pearl powder (NOT VEGAN) Made from freshwater pearls created by freshwater mussels.

Pentylene Glycol  (VEGAN): Sythetic. Water and oil-soluble. Used as a solvent

Petrolium jelly (BOTH):  Oils found in animals and plant soils

Phenoxyethanol (VEGAN): found in green tea or sythetic

Polybutene (VEGAN): Oils and petroliumoils and petrolium

Polyester (VEGAN): Sythetic

Polyethylene (VEGAN): Plastic

Polyglyceryl- 2 (BOTH) Type of Glycerine

Polyglyceryl(BOTH)- form of glycerine

Polyimide 1 (VEGAN): Sythetic

Polyisoprene (VEGAN): Natural rubber

Polymethylsilsesquioxane (VEGAN): Silicone used as a soft and shiny agent

Polypeptide (BOTH)

Polyquaternium 69 (VEGAN): Synthetic for frizz reduction

Potassium sorbate (VEGAN): Salts and sorbic salts 

Propylene carbonate (VEGAN): Solvent

Propylene glycol (VEGAN): Solvent for perfume/hairspray

PTFE (VEGAN): Used as a preservative and to given a smooth finish

Quaternium (VEGAN): Salt

Retinol (BOTH) Can often be found in products that boast an “anti-aging” quality. Retinol is a potent source of vitamin A, Vegan version available but it is almost always derived from an animal.

Salvia officinalis (VEGAN): Sage

Shea Butter (VEGAN): Karite tree in Africa.

Shellac (NOT VEGAN) The female lac bug, Kerria lacca, found in the forests of India and Thailand, secretes excrement (poo), which forms a tunnel-like tube on the branches of trees.

Silica (VEGAN): mineral quartzmineral quartz

Silicate (VEGAN): Silicone and oxygensilicone and oxygen

Silk powder(NOT VEGAN): Boiled silk worms

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) (VEGAN): Seed oil

Sodium Acrylates Copolymer (VEGAN): Acrylic

Sodium benzoate (VEGAN): Salt of benzoic acid. cranberries, prunes, greengage plums, cinnamon, ripe cloves, and apples.

Sodium chloride (VEGAN): Saltsalt

Sodium dehydroacetate (VEGAN): Salt. Used as a preservative

Sodium Gluconate (VEGAN): Saltsalt

Sorbic (VEGAN): Salt. Used as a preservative

Squalene (NOT VEGAN) This substance is extracted from the livers of sharks and then added to your eye makeup and lipsticks. Not to be confused with squalane which is from olives

Squalane (VEGAN): Oil derived from olives. Not to be confused with Squalene which is not vegan.

Stearic acid (BOTH): From animal or plant oils

Stearic acid (BOTH): From animals as well as plant oils.

Talc (VEGAN): Mineral

Tallow (NOT VEGAN) Rendered animal fat. boiled the carcasses of slaughtered animals until a fatty substance is produced. Mostly found in foundation, lipsticks and eye shadows

Teflon (VEGAN): Used as a preservative and to create a smooth finish 

Tetrasodium edta (VEGAN): water soluble ingredient

Tin oxide (VEGAN): A mineral colour to give a beautiful metallic finish 

Titanium dioxide (VEGAN): Mineral

Tocopheryl Acetate (BOTH) vitamin E- in vegetable oils, dairy products, meat, eggs, cereals, nuts, and leafy green and yellow vegetables.

Tribeehenin (BOTH) Form of glycerine

triethoxycaprylylsilane (VEGAN): Silicone

Triethylhexanoin (BOTH) fatty acids found in plants and animals

Triethylhexanoin (BOTH): Fatty Acids found in plants and animals

Triisostearin (BOTH): Type of Glyerine

Ultra Marine (VEGAN): blue, pink, red, violet of sodium aluminium sulfosilicate. syntheicblue, pink, red, violet of sodium aluminium sulfosilicate. Syntheic

Undecylenic acid (VEGAN):  Castor Oil

VP/VA coplymer (VEGAN)

Zea mays starch (VEGAN): Corn starch

Zinc (VEGAN): Metal






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