Let’s talk about washing our hair…


I’mmmm gunna wash that man right outta my hair!! Oh don’t you just love FRESH hair! I would be nice if someone else could wash it for me though!

Thinking back to being a teenager using many highstreet shampoos…my hair felt TOTALY different to how it does now when i have washed it. At the time i felt like it was silky smooth so it must be a great range. Now i know it was just being coated with silky agents which tricked me.

Also- It turns out that many cheep drug store shampoo and conditioners are putting SOOOOOOOOO much water in thier products. So even though it may seem cheeper, we will actually go through it so much faster! The best ones i find, are more concentrated and even though they are more expensive they last x4 longer than the cheeper ones anyway.




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