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I have been on a mission over the years to try and make my world more sustainable…as you probably know by reading my blog! When it comes to brushes and combs…there are some REALLY exciting and cool products in the market now! I love that brands are using thier unintuitive and using things such a ocean plastic or bamboo to make thier tools! The So eco ones below are degradable and fully compostable and come in plastic free packaging! Aside from that- I TRY and buy more wooden items and less plastic. We are on the journey…sometimes its easy to find sustainable versions of things and sometimes not. Hopefully I can help make it a little easier for you.


Not that electrical would often have animals inside them…but many brands test thier actual products on animals…and of course, i don’t support them.

I will make this section bigger over time but for now…please see the ones i love and use both on myself and in my kit. T3 is a brilliant brand with an innovative product. You buy the base and then pick and choose which ever wand/s you like! I have all of them…but particularly love the cascading wand for soft waves. I also ADOREEEEE The Turbo Tong…first of all for the cheeky cheeky name, but most importantly IT IS SO DAMN FAST. I can curl my entire head in 15 minutes. It also holds curls so well…There is only one explanation- witchcraft!!!


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