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Whether you're looking for Skincare, Make-up, or animal free Fashion, I have got you covered! Everything in my guide is cruelty free and vegan friendly, and I make a big effort to include mosty planet friendly and non toxic reccomendations as much as possible.


These Lipsticks are free from any nasties! 

My favourite lippies that are cruelty free, vegan, clean and free from any potential toxic ingredients.

My Go-To Sneakers

These instantly elevate every outfit and I'm obsessed / wear them constantly.


Non Toxic Baby Skincare

Of all the things we might want to shop natural and 'clean''s baby skincare! Our little one's skin is just on so precious. Have a browse through Berry's favourite gentle, green and oh so scrumptious baby skincare favourites.


Invest in the Good Stuff 

Fewer, Better Things

Re-wear and Cherish

Buy Cheep, Buy Twice

This pretty much sums up my attitude to consuming. Invest in high quality, cherish it, look after it and it will look after you. Buy less, but buy things with high value to you. You will look and feel more expensive whilst looking after the planet too.

Shop        Wardrobe


Here are a few things I have been wearing and loving recently! 

my amazon shop

My Amazon Guide

My Amazon guide has everything from new baby essentials, my content creator must haves , Books that have changed my life and even my favourite eco friendly cleaning products! Click through to see my folders!


Visit 'Shop my Shelf' to discover all of my favourite vegan and cruelty free beauty products. 

Skincare brands I love

Let's talk about skincare... not only vegan and cruelty free skincare but a focus on brands doing brilliant things to lower thier carbon footprints and make the world a better place. There are a LOT of brands I love but here are my absolute favourites. *not all ranges are 100% vegan


British made, hand crafted powerful clean and green skincare. Use my code EMJ15 for 15% off


Natural, effective and super affordable skincare from Boots.

Sunday Riley

Iconic brand with incredible products (mostly vegan) and is also a B.corp!

The Body Shop

Who doesn't love The Body Shop? Good for our skin and good for the Planet!


This Eco conscious brand with packaging made from 100% mono materials. 


Of course Tropic has to be on my list of favourite skincare. 

things i am loving


If you're into oversized jackets, crystals and cowgirl boots and most days comfy leggings and hoodies... then let's share clothes! Hehe! I don't buy clothes often, but when I do, i invest in good quality which will last years. Here are some things I am loving right now!









Goddess Hours

The all-star products that never let me down! Use this section to affiliate link brands or products you love in a super organized way. (Could also link books, podcasts, or other resources! 

My absolute favourite ever candles are from Nikki Hill... I think you will love them too.

Every Goddess Hour needs some heavenly bath salts, and that is exactly what these are. HEAVEN.

It's no secret that the Bio-Retinol Gold mask from Evolve is my all time favourite. Use my code EMJ15 for 15% off

Words cannot describe in stunning this is. So tasty you will want to eat it.

This has changed the game for me when it comes to bath time. I pop a book (who am i on the shelf, and RELAX!

THIS IS NOT A FRUIT TEA. It's the cosiest most relaxing tea that will ever touch your lips. It's like a hug for the soul. My ultimate wind down tea.

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